Future plans

I have now left Summerhill and I am about to start my PGCE in September at The Mead in Trowbridge, Wiltshire.  So it’s a good time to take stock.

  • We have launched the times tables songs in 4 primary schools around Bath and Bristol
  • They have linked up with 3 secondary schools – so far 2 recording sessions have taken place and another 2 are lined up for late 2014/early 2015
  • 2 of the secondary schools are planning to roll this out to their other feeder schools
  • Children in various different schools, and the year 12 BTEC students, have been writing their own songs
  • We have run a Skype singing assembly and have made links with schools in Slovakia, Russia and the USA, with plans to develop our relationship over Skype in the near future
  • Year 12/13 BTEC schemes of work have been rewritten to incorporate this project
  • I have presented this at The Power Of Music conference of music educators, and shared this resource with several music hubs around South West England, so hopefully more schools will be singing their times tables soon
  • I am starting to think about adapting more famous songs to help with other areas of the curriculum – long division, grammar…

So if you are planning to start this project in your school please do keep in touch and I would love to link up once I have taught some songs to the children at The Mead, or whatever schools I end up in on my placements.

Have fun!



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