Please share your experience with us

This “Blog” category is for people to share their experience.

Please feel free to download and use anything you find on this blog site.  It would be great if you could leave a message telling us how it’s been going in your school.  We would love to link with other schools around the country and the world – Skype lessons/assemblies to sing each other our songs, competitions/league tables and so on…

If your school is anything like mine, you will find that the children get very enthusiastic and quickly start writing their own songs.  Please record them and share them on this site!


8 thoughts on “Please share your experience with us

  1. Hi,
    I’m a trainee teacher at UWE and we were told about your project in one of our seminars by a peer who had the opportunity to be in a classroom where your resources were being used. I just want to say how brilliant it is and I am how much I’m looking forward to using these songs and resources out on placements! The songs are fab, can’t wait to hear more from your school! Best of luck.

    • Thanks Katie. Hope it all goes well. Let me know if you want to set up any Skype singing lessons once you’re on your placements. We’re about to try a Skype assembly with a junior school in Bath, and a teacher in the USA has contacted me to say she’s also interested, so we’ll know what we’re doing by then!

      • Hi Jon
        Picked up on your great resource at the S Glos conferecne yesterday – are you Ok with me ciorcuklating a link to music maths aroudn the wiltshire Music Education Hub?

      • Please do! Please see if you can get your colleagues to blog back and let us know how it goes – which songs work well, which they change, any other ideas for songs they or their pupils have come up with etc… and let me know if you want to arrange a Skype singing extravaganza at any time.

  2. Hi Jon
    I have a son who has problems with tables is there a way I can download the songs to a cd to play at home or in the car.
    I am pleased to see your website where children can sing tables.

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