Hints and tips – How to take this project further

Here are some ideas of how you could extend the times tables project.  Some of these we are doing, some are planned and some are just random ideas we would love to do if we have time.

  • ICT – children animate their times tables and edit music videos, for uploading to youtube
  • Maths – analysis of data from the league table and from youtube once we upload the video
  • Collaboration/competition between other schools – either actual visits to local schools or virtually using Skype.  How amazing would it be to hear from a school in another country who have created their own song, from their own musical heritage.
  • Literacy – working with children to write their own songs/poems – exploring rhythm, rhyme/half-rhyme and poetic license
  • Art – design CD covers and labels
  • Collaboration with other schools, youth groups and other community organisations on recording/performing these songs
    • Planning and running a concert (including financial planning and writing the business plan) is a great cross-curricular project for primary and secondary, hitting maths, English and business studies curriculums
  • More musical events – concerts, busking etc

Please reply to this blog with any other ideas you have!


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