11 times table song – Roar

Here are the lyrics for Roar.  This was written by some of year 6 at St Michaels C of E junior school in Twerton, Bath.  A few of the lines were edited and improved by the whole school in an assembly.  This was another song where I had very little to do with the output.

11x Roar – lyrics

Here is the final version of the song.  As with the 2x table song, this features years 3, 4 and 6 from St Michaels and the Kings Oak year 12 band

Roar (11x table)

Here is the rehearsal file for the song, exported from Sibelius.

Roar (Bb)


7 thoughts on “11 times table song – Roar

  1. Thank you for the great resources Mr. G! I’m definitely going to try out with my students. How do I download the mp3 rehearsal files for the 2x and 11x tables? I have managed with the other songs, but these to link to a webpage with a different layout so I’m a little confused. Thanks!

  2. Hi Mr G – I am not a teacher, but a parent of two boys aged 7 & 8 who are struggling with their times tables. I’m looking for ways to engage them in learning and your songs are great. I am having trouble downloading some of the songs so they are clear enough for my boys to listen to and learn. How can I get a clear version?

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