2 times table song – I Knew You Could Double

Here are the lyrics for I Knew You Could Double, our version of the Taylor Swift classic

2x lyrics

Here is the final version of the song, featuring years 3, 4 and 6 from St Michaels C of E Junior school in Twerton, Bath.  The band is the same group of year 12 musicians from Kings Oak, who had worked with Summerhill on the other songs on this site

I knew you could double

Here is the rehearsal file for the song, exported from Sibelius.

I knew you could double (F#)

The vocals are really fast all the way through.  This is fine in verse 1, when the children are simply singing the times tables.  But I got a bit ambitious in verse 2 and tried to get them to sing about doubling higher numbers (2 x 16 = 32).  You’ll be able to hear yourself – this doesn’t really work.  The children stumble over a lot of the words.

In hindsight I would either have spent some time working with the teachers to embed this into the relevant lessons on doubling, and using the opportunity to rehearse the song harder, or I would have just got the children to sing verse 1 twice.

Of course it’s your call how you choose to do this!  If you try any other ideas please blog back and let us know about it.


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