5 times table song – Move (Little Mix)

Here is the lyrics file for Move, a song by Little Mix which was a hit at the end of 2013.

I had absolutely nothing to do with this!  A group of year 6 girls wrote the entire song.  I actually felt that it wouldn’t work because there were too many words, moving too fast, and it was too electronic to play live.  How wrong was I?  The girls wrote an amazing song, fitted in the times table in a very catchy way, and it was the band’s favourite tune to play.

5x Move lyrics

Here is the final version of the song, with the secondary school band performing.

Move (5 times table)

Here is the rehearsal file for the song, exported from Sibelius.  We decided to double the chorus (“1, 1 times 5 is 5…”) so I’m afraid this file is out of sync with the lyrics and the final version of the song.  On this file the first chorus is only half the length.  Hope this makes sense!

5x Move – rehearsal file


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